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This is a show that airs, or perhaps aired, on VH1 (there's not definitive word on whether it'll get a third season). But Comedy Central is now airing reruns, so syndication made bode well for it's future. Comedy Central could even pick it up (it's a better fit for Comedy Central than VH1, in my opinion).


The show operates a bit like Jimney Glick used to. The show's regular actors play characters that work at a terrestrial radio station. Two of those characters interview several celebrities per episode, the premise being that they are interviewing them for their local morning talk show. Unlike Sasha Baron Cohen's characters (Ali G, Borat, Bruno), the celebrities know they are being interviewed by characters, but the interviews are not scripted, so these celebrities go in a roll with whatever the characters throw at them and try to stay in character. Between interviews there is very loose story stuff that serves to get the show from being monotonous.


The show is hilarious, and if you get cable and have a DVR, you should record the Comedy Central reruns Monday at midnight.


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