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Hotel Dusk


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totally had a thread for this, somewhere.


This is one of the only DS games ive finished, an excellent point-and-click mystery/noir game with great art style & pacing, surprisingly good use of the DS hardware for 4th-wall breaking puzzles and such. Ive been meaning to play Another Code R since, i think its the same people? anyway.


Space Cowboy (john) is like the only other guy on this board big on the game, which not to spoil, but...the story isnt done with this chapter! on that note:




Lost Window, the awesome-looking sequel is next month in Japan. so cant wait for this to get brought over, between this and Zelda: Spirit Tracks (just came out) it looks like my DS will be getting love next year.

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man, i was so sad to hear this, and yeah, sharing the same concerns here. what sucks is Hotel Dusk did well on both sides, apparently Little King and Lost Window not so much, and that's all it takes...i dont expect nintendo to bail them out, but i do expect a proper release over here, at least.

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