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Newt will most certainly outshadow us all in this category, but I thought we could use a separate thread for pics of the more pricier "toys" in our collections. I saw NZA's Preacher statue and GL ring. Newt's got his own gallery going w/ his statues. However, I've never really gone overboard on toys in the sense of going into triple digits on a single item.


That is until I came across this. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow and post pics, but it's all pretty much in the link. I've been a frugal geek my whole life and always went for mid-range priced items at best. With this Joker figure I feel as if I've crossed a personal Rubicon; I'm now over in that realm where Newt frolics so frequently.


So post your own high-end geek toys here. And I'm not looking for pics of just statues or 1/6 scale shiz, basically I'm talking about any toy or item that's comic or geek related and you'd be able to make the rent w/ if you hocked it on e-bay. :sad:

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So I picked this guy up in the mail yesterday:




I took some pics, but they weren't any better than these by Michael Crawford, so I'll just use his.


This insert of the cards is now hanging on my wall w/ the three playing card jokers displayed. Under the cards it has this quote from the hospital scene where Joker pushes Dent over the edge: "Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos."




I pretty much agree w/ the review by Michael Crawford, aka Capt. Toy It's kind of depressing when a toy has a better wardrobe than you do. The detail on this thing is insanley amazing. A few tiny drawbacks are the interchangeable hands-- I'm not finding so interchangeable. Also the metal nameplate on the base came unglued; a minor complaint as it's easily fixable, but lame that is came off right out the box. The coolest feature on this though has to be the moveable eyes. Ridiculously cool feature.




And as a random addendum, I also have this Alex Ross Batman b&w statue:



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