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Lupe Fiasco


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Duads & other hip-hop kids have been singing his praises for ages now, finally got around to Food & Liqour and its good, not the greatest album of all time that some've sold it as but again, current state of the industry makes it shine that much brighter.


his 3rd album (possibly this cover?) "Lasers" got pushed back with his 2nd mixtape, though i think the latter finally made it out, not even sure of that. Just wanted to see if there's any other fans of his 'round here.

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i know i slept on him. i do this sometimes when things get overblown by my small circle of friends at the time - see: radiohead, the gorillaz, uh, jurassic park, lotsa things. you dont understand, man, dudes i agree with on hip hop were calling him the GOAT off of like 2 albums. that's ridiculous.


this stemmed off a conversation @ kanye. most of us agree that his production is incredible at times (blueprint, black album etc). i personally disagreed with fellow hondonian Duado the Deadly about his mic skills - duads thought he was like top-tier (duads also listened to Warren G's 2nd album so he's a weird guy sometimes), i think kanye's lyrical content can be fun sometimes, but honestly he doesnt have a great flow/style, it just works cause he gives himself top-notch production a lotta times and a lotta guest stars. on his best days, the fact that his verse outshined Jay's on their last single broke like 3 natural laws.


so, when kanye introduced lupe on a few tracks (touch the sky, etc) it didnt stand out for me at all, much like jay doing the same before for kanye (the bounce, etc). i took lupe to be industry excitement at a stale-ass scene getting anything that looked new, but yeah, since then ive tried his shit and so far its not bad. again i think it stands out cause the mainstream is so very dead at the moment - lil wayne just went to jail, so that leaves Drake to be on the radio 23 hours a day - but in & of itself its not bad, i just gotta give it time & rotation i think.

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