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i posted this guy up in the listening thread & on my facebook, but im convinced he needs more notice - his featured track, "I need a dollar" is the opening to HBO's new show, How to make it in America, so hopefully that helps. Apparently his first mainstream notice was his spanish cover of contemporary artist John Legend's "Ordinary People", "Gente Ordinaria", sampled at that link.


just found his first album, "Shine Through" and ill post on that after giving it some time as well. meantime, check out at least the first song here, now that i found the full version - dude's showing some of the soul ive missed since Curtis Mayfield and older Gaye works.





ps quick & easy :D if anyone can rip the first video's song to mp3, so hard to find a full version like that.

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:D thanks again man. and yeah, he's not crossover-hit material like John Legend and a few others lately, but its the same reason why i differentiate classic R&B/soul from modern, i think he carries an element that's not popular in the genre's current form, which makes it stand out more for me. The upcoming album that track's supposed to be from should be great too, ill post when there's info on it.
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