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Dolphins - Jets rivalry


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Let me take a little break here for a moment from the Red Sox and cover a topic that is very important to the Miami people here. A rivalry that I side with them on...







I think some of youse may know of this asshole...


Let's see what wikipedia says (and once again, correct them where they're wrong...)


The Miami Dolphins-New York Jets rivalry is a rivalry between two franchises in the National Football League. No shit, Sherlock. The teams both play in the American Football Conference East Division, and play two scheduled games each season as a result. OMG NO WAI! I HAD NO IDEA... They have often competed for divisional supremacy, and have played a number of classic, memorable games. RU4SERIOUS?! Currently, the Jets hold the advantage in the all-time series with a record of 46-40-1, ...but not for long... while the Dolphins have won the lone postseason meeting, defeating the Jets in the 1982 AFC Championship. Thank God for that!


Eh, just basics so far, but let's continue...




The New York Jets were established in 1960, (Co-incidentally the Patriots started in 1960 as the Boston Patriots and played in Fenway. What? You think Joe-Robby-Dolphin-Land-Shark-Sun-Tree-Huggin-Life-Other-Gay-Named-But-It-Will-Always-Be-Joe-Robby-To-Me Stadium was the first to feature Fooseball and Baseball? Nope.) and the Miami Dolphins in 1966; both as members of the now defunct American Football League. After the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970 the Dolphins and the Jets were placed in the AFC East, guaranteeing that they would meet twice a year annually. The rivalry has stayed intense through the years as both teams are always competitive against one another no matter what the standings indicate. Bah. Nonesense. The Jets were just lucky last year. They suck. The Dolphins seem to be coming along these last few years... The rivalry also keeps a high intensity because the large amount of transplanted New York Jets fans that retire to South Florida. Oh dear God... that explains alot. Hey! Jets fans retire down there... There's alot of Yankees fans down there... Jets fans are Asshole McDouchebags... Yankees fans are Asshole McDouchebags. Coincidence? I think not!


Prior to the New England Patriots rise to dominance in the early 2000s, (OH HELL YEAH!) the Jets and Dolphins regularly contested for the AFC East title (along with the Buffalo Bills in the early 1990s). Upon the Dolphin's joining of the AFL in 1966, the Jets were laying the seeds for their 1968 Super Bowl III victory. Seeds of evil. After the Jets Super Bowl victory in 1968, the Dolphins began their ascension to the top of the NFL, culminating back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1972 and 1973. The 1972 season also Miami finish with a 17-0 record; the only time in the modern era that a team went undefeated in the regular and post season. Damn the Giants...another NY team I don't like... 18-1. Oh well. Someday.


Well, I'll pause here for now. Some food for thought, especially among the Dol-fans!

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you misspelled the name

it's J-E-S-T ;)


This is our big rilivary and one that I froth at the mouth for every year(3 wins in a row atm !!!!) frankly they don't even deserve the dignity of a hot costner!.


The rilivary looks to get even hotter with both teams on an up swing and both with young quaterbacks who look like they will be dueling for a long long time.


BTW whats wrong with the Giants?

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BTW whats wrong with the Giants?


For you? Nothing. I hate the Jets, I dislike the Giants. Perfect season Superbowl thieves... They stolez it from ussss! Other than that? (which is big) nada. Their fans seem ok.

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Now Dol-Fans might understand my hatred for Johnny Damon. Maybe.


Jason Taylor leaves Miami Dolphins for archrival Jets

Former Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor had only one choice if he wanted to play football in 2010 -- the hated, rival New York Jets.





Seated in an office chair at the end of a conference table inside his foundation's headquarters late Tuesday night, linebacker Jason Taylor was ready to discuss the culmination of this surreal decision.


A Dolphins helmet was sitting on a shelf behind him, along with multiple awards and a pair of Dolphins cleats, all very suddenly images of his past.


His future? That's a very different image.


On Tuesday, Taylor agreed to a two-year contract to join the New York Jets. Yes, those New York Jets.


``I wish things could have played out differently,'' he said, quiet and sincere during a 45-minute informal gathering in Weston. ``Sometimes you have to read the writing on the wall.''


After mulling his options for weeks, Taylor decided it was time to accept this fate -- whether imposed by him or the Dolphins -- that he would not be retiring with the team he spent 13 NFL seasons.


So when Taylor wakes up Wednesday, he will head to the airport and board a plane bound for the place and the team and the fan base that he spent so many years hating.


It will be strange, he said. But it is nonetheless a decision he believed he needed to make.


``I didn't strategically go to a team so I could see the Dolphins twice a year,'' Taylor said. ``This is the only offer. There is no other offer. It will be bittersweet. I'll be playing against a team I've played for a long time.''




For the past several weeks, a dramatic saga has been playing out, most of which became public, as Taylor has dealt with a very difficult decision.


The Jets wanted him, but they needed him to commit before the NFL Draft this week.


In the meantime, the Dolphins weren't communicating with him, telling him instead they would reassess whether they wanted him until after the draft had concluded.


``What are you going to do?'' he said. ``You sit there, and you're not getting any communication.''


For some time, Taylor said he was willing to be patient when it came to the silence from the Dolphins about his future. He admits the team did give him an offer in November, but he said it wasn't the appropriate time to talk about a contract in the middle of a season.


But last week, after the team scheduled a meeting between Taylor and coach Tony Sparano but later canceled, Taylor said he began to accept the realization that Miami might not want him back after the draft.


He was still willing to give it another weekend, he said. But when he returned from a weekend vacation to Costa Rica, where he had no cellphone service, he hoped to turn on his phone and find some sense that Miami still wanted to talk.


``When I landed back at the airport, I turned my phone on,'' Taylor said. ``I had no texts. No texts.''


But he still had the offer from the Jets on the table, although they were needing an answer soon. That's when he pulled the trigger on a two-year deal worth $13 million, although he isn't likely to earn a $10 million bonus owed in 2011.




Instead, this will be a one-year trial with the Jets. Taylor said he isn't willing to close the door on anything, instead leaving all of his options open. After all, he signed with the Jets. Anything beyond now certainly seems possible.


In New York, Jets coach Rex Ryan made it clear to Taylor that they planned to use him the way he's comfortable being used: As a third-down pass rusher.


``He wants me to play,'' Taylor said. ``And he wants me to chase the quarterback. He's not real interested in me taking on blocks. He wants me to rush quarterbacks.''




As Tuesday's gathering continued, Taylor went from discussing how this unfolded to how he feels about leaving the Dolphins for this rival. He never expected it to go down this way, he said.


``I came back last year, and I wanted to retire here,'' Taylor said. ``I came back home [after a one-year stint with the Redskins], and I felt good about it. The fans felt good about it. It's tough.


``The one constant in life is change.''


Now, he will change out of one uniform and into another.


``I wish it could have been done differently,'' Taylor said. ``But the Miami Dolphins will forever be part of our lives and our legacy.


``Hopefully, one day I can walk back into that stadium and not get booed.''



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This....this breaks my heart....


Trust me, I know how you feel. Well, kinda. One thing that makes Taylor better than Johnny Damon is that there doesn't seem to have been any offer from the Dolphins for Taylor. It seems more saddening than angering (at the player). But yeah, I feel you man.

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