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Biggest things to happen in Video games


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Ok this is a thread in gaff and as I can't post there yet(god I fucking hate that place for that shit) I"m seeing what we think guys.


I have to agree with the gaff thread though, Nintendo getting into the market in the first place was possible something that will never be topped, They saved the market and brought so much to the table thats tough to top.


I think, though we still need time to let the market grow, but the overall choice to move more and more content to DD(digital download) will prove to be a huge choice made by the indrustry and will prove every bit as big as the choice nintendo made when they entered the market all those years ago.

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you could be right. ive been thinking about this lately.


for years, the industry's been said to have GTA, Halo, MGS, Mario etc eat what, something like 80%+ of overall profits? leaving everyone else fighting for what's considered scraps to such studios. i had no idea before GAF & such how many devs put out games that they'd more or less just break even on sometimes.


now, taking that into account, we have a) rising costs for AAA titles - how much do you think FF XIII cost?, b) small studios closing right & left, many others just one, maybe two flops away from folding, tops, and c) a shit, unforgiving economy that - might be talking out my ass here, i dont have #'s in front of me - has more of us renting, buying used, etc.


what Access Games/Ignition did with Deadly Premonition - starting a budget line of games retailing for $20 - is cool, and id love to see it as a trend. but honestly, JRPGs and other genres are slowly moving to handhelds, and a lot of our innovation this gen (Braid, Everyday Shooter, Flower, etc) are on PSN, XLB, Wiiware etc, mimicking the great indie scene of the PC, kinda inevitable when you think about the scope/cost of what can be done on these formats. im honestly surprised we've not yet seen more genres, like JRPGs, go episodic as well just yet.


anyway, my DRM worries aside, you're right, this could be huge. it just feels so slow-moving when you've got MS dropping a lot of their greats onto On Demand but charging the same price as retail. :sad:

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