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Muramasa: The Demon Blade


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odd we didnt have a thread, this game was getting hype from the Odin Sphere people. looked great, played with classic controller (always a plus) but even i put it aside between No More Heroes II, Fatal Frame 4 and Silent Hill. ill try to check it out sometime & post back.

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aw, fuck you're mean.


the controls are rough (part of this is you not playing it when it came out - while this doesnt excuse shit, i think you get my meaning: Resident Evil-type tank controls were never ideal, but we both know they were far more tolerable in say '05 than today). still, art style and such made the game look great, it was just hard as fuck as i went on & needed more health items/kept feeling like i was playing it wrong by dying too easily against tough enemies.


still, i highly encourage you playing SOTC, a beautiful game who's controls are flawed and hopefully you can still look past.

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