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Manga Contest

Celebrate Manga Month with Dark Horse!


Here's your chance to win some great books and products from Dark Horse Comics! Three lucky grand prize winners will receive a special manga package which includes some of our most popular manga titles and products!


Ten runners up will receive a copy of the first issue of Torajiro Kishi's Devil and a copy of Blood+: Kowloon Nights!


So what are you waiting for? Enter Today!

Prize Package 1:

- Dark Horse 20 Years of Manga Coffee Mug

- Signed copy of Berserk volume 1

- Gantz volume 1

- Blade of the Immortal volume 1

- Eden volume 1


Prize Package 2:

- Dark Horse 20 Years of Manga Coffee Mug

- Signed copy of Hellsing volume 1

- Neon Genesis volume 1

- Gunsmith Cats omnibus 1


Prize Package 3:

- Dark Horse 20 Years of Manga Coffee Mug

- Dark Horse 20 Years of Manga limited edition lithograph print signed by Yoshitaka Amano

- Vampire Hunter D volume 1

- Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service volume 1

Runners-up (10):

- Devil #1

- Blood+: Kowloon Nights


So thats that. I wish i could enter just to win the signed copy of Berserk... Im assuming is signed by Miura, cos i doesnt say anywhere... But yeah, anyone interested they just need to go here

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nice! i totally wouldve missed this, thanks for the heads-up.

tell you what, man - you're the only bigger fan of Berserk on this board than i, so if i win, the book's yours. ^_^


i ever tell you how pissed i am at 2001 NZA? i think it was that year (or 02?) i went to Megacon, met Kevin Smith and such, had a great time...but Dark Horse had a great booth with much of their talent there, and i was not yet reading Berserk, Blade, Sin City, Lone Wolf & Cub, Hellboy, etc (many of these books are among my absolute favorites now), so i took the swag, mostly bookmarks & the like, but got no autographs. :sarcasm:

ive made a point to never look up if Mignola was there, cause id be so pissed if my ignorance kept me from having met the dude.

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Really??? Thanks man!! Tell you what, im gonna think about something really cool to send you if you win.


Hehehe great anecdote :x: Something similiar happened with me once. There was a convention in Buenos Aires and one day when i was leaving i noticed that the next day a great writer/artist i like was coming, but i was busy that day. Then i found out that my sister got a drawing by this guy (wich made me really angry cos shes not a big comic fan).. Anyway, long story short, the guy died a couple of years ago... :(

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