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Hondo's EZmode FB Fantasy Baseball 2010


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With Opening Day fast approaching (this Sunday) and deadlines and what not, I've made a Fantasy Baseball League for us on Facebook. (The Official Fantasy Baseball is on Yahoo, and I'm on that. It's more complicated though.)


Here's the link to the league to join: Hondo's League (Alternatively you can just search HONDO under leagues)


Play is pretty simple: Pick your players, then watch the games/watch your daily points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season, wins.


I'm hoping at least a few people will join with Aarty and I.


Also, the cool thing about this Fantasy Baseball is that unlike other Fantasy Baseballs where you take turns picking players, potentially having other people pick the players you want... You can pick the same players as other people! (Aarty and I both have Josh Beckett on our teams). It's easy, free, and pretty painless. If enough people join I'll post daily or weekly scores here. Maybe the winner at the end will get a special custom-made banner or something cool.


Oh, and if anyone needs help or anything just post something here and it'll get answered.

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aw man, shame panch/whodey/iceman arent on at the moment, they love this stuff.


Yeah, I tried inviting them on FB, no dice. Well, still just me and Aarty for now on our leagues.


I have 3 Yahoo teams, 2 of them are primarily Red Sox, and one is a mix. My ESPN team is all Red Sox, though I'm considering making another mix.

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