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Alright, I doubt anyone on here will have ever heard of this, or that anyone outside of ASC, SOF and myself will apprecaite the genius of this but here goes.


Soupy Norman was a nine-part Irish television programme broadcast by RTÉ. It was aired weekly on Thursday nights at 23:05 on the RTÉ Two channel, in ten-minute segments. The series ran from 24 May to 24 July 2007 . The show is a comedic re-dubbing of the Polish soap opera Pierwsza miłość (First Love), which has been running on Polsat television since 2004.


The series is written and edited by Barry Murphy and Mark Doherty, with additional voices provided by Tara Flynn, Sue Collins, Luke Murphy and Mario Rosenstock. Where the original soap opera dealt with a girl leaving her family behind to go to college, the re-dubbed version of the programme explores the culture shock of a dysfunctional Cork family in Dublin. The series' surreal humour led to a cult following, with its episodes being popular on YouTube.


A special episode entitled "The Late Late Soupy Norman Tribute" which featured dubbed clips from RTÉ's The Late Late Show as well as clips from previous episodes of Soupy Norman, was broadcast on Christmas Eve 2007.


A pilot sketch for the series initially aired on Armando Iannucci’s show Time Trumpet on BBC 2.


Episode 1



Episode 2



Episode 3 (my fave)



Episode 4



Episode 5



Episode 6



Episode 7



Episode 8



Please give it a chance.

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