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man, i need a full tracklist, some pretty popular/decent picks, can do most of em without a prompter.


i was one of the only guys who managed to enjoy Def Jam Icon, despite it being nowhere near as awesome as Fight for NY. was just talking on kotaku @ how we need some more hip-hip games; Afro Samurai & 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand had elements from the culture (and both were surprisingly fun), but the article was about how the genre could use its ode game, like Brutal Legend did for metal.


im still waiting for a deal on DJ Hero, but yeah, this could be fun no doubt. cant wait to see more tracks/achievements.

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Bulletproof was very not good, Blood on the Sand is like Gears of War reskinned and more fun (for me). i bought it for like $15, still trying to get all the medals on hard mode. Lotta people slept on it, but it's a fun game.


Banks (my sidekick, cause who the fuck you gonna pick? Yayo? please) during the intro: Ay yo Fif, get at them crates nigga there's some good shit in them!


that's how you do a tutorial.

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