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Nick, you slippin', son.


Meth says they're not a group. They're still Wu-Tang, but who can deny the power of this shit. Meth, Ghost and Rae doin' an album together? With RZA on beats? A massacre indeed.


Also, Chris Bachalo doin' cover art? What's goin' on!? Check out the variant covers:











This album deserves your money, just for the covers! Fuck downloading!


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cmon son. like i wasnt on a new wu album + bachalo covers like stink on a monkey? what do you think my wallpaper is right now?!

you know how it is, though. when you're gone, that's like 50% of my fellow wu-heads being absent.


havent watched those videos yet, and i said i was gonna pick this album up but still havent, was trying to see if anyone on ebay had the meth cover with the variant sketches inside, they look so good! ill dig em up if you wanna see, but yeah, if i dont find it soon, im still buying this at best buy, i always try to directly support the wu.


that said, its growing on me, but you know Rae's been hit or miss for me, im digging it but i wish it had more members like Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 did (GZA, deck, masta killa, etc). speaking of, please say you saw

...holy shit, R.I.P. Dilla, you actually RZA'd the production on that track, and the verses only build in quality, so good.


that said, im trying to stay focus, but RZA just announced he's done producing Liquid Swords 2, dropping this fall! such a good year.

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Wu's back! Not saying they've been gone, but finally back to hip-hop prominence. You know? When Wu shit is looked forward to like this, it's good. Back to Wu-Mass, though. It reminds me of ol school Wu, but with a new school vibe. I can't explain it. I'm craving REAL hip-hop so bad! This bullshit on the radio is getting to me. I'm starting to sing along and I wanna drive into a ditch. 50's last album kept me from losing my mind, but it's happening again. Thank Allah for Wu-Tang...

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man, its a good year. some indie shit i dig (Shad) has albums, Nas + Marley drops soon (might be out?), 2 Wu entries, plus im assuming you saw Em's return in the other thread? 2010 brought quality with it.


gonna put this one on again soon and just go with it, its pretty short overall. any favorite tracks?

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The album is like 30 minutes long. Honestly, I've only been through the album a couple times and haven't paid attention to the track listing. I just let it ride. Like I'm listening to a tape in 92 again. Been so busy with work and the move. Luckily, Mary's a Wu Fan on the level of the Nick so we'll be playin' it in NO. No radio shit.

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nice. also, those Se7en style trailers were awesome!

for real, did you get to listen to OB4CL2? its crazy-good, make sure to hit it up if you haven't. best solo effort (my book) since Masta Killah's No Said Date.

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I want to post some youtube videos of tracks off the album, but it'll say Wu-Massacre, but be some ol' shit or some dude freestylin' trying to get a deal. Like labels look for talent on youtube. Whatever happened to battle rappin' on the street corner? Nick, can you help me out?

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