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One of the coolest things for me to come out of the Old Man Logan storyline was this puppy right here. Now he can menace your other action figures for the low, low cost of $229

(Newt, I'm talking to you here, dude.)










Now all I need is a mini Spider Buggy w/ OML and Hawkeye in the seats to complete the scene. But for now an apple must suffice.



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this is filed under one of those cool things im glad exists but ill never own, even if i was rich. there's a lotta characters i see as detailed figures/statues that fall under this - like, ive got no reason for any of the Fantastic Four to be in my house, but its good when there's obscure references made to an enjoyable story of theirs.



now, 15 year old nicholas was obsessed with symbiotes and wouldve saved up way too long to own this


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