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So I've been thinking about giving this series a try, but have had some difficulty in finding a trade order after a certain point. Can someone help me?


Here's what I know of thus far:

Original Sins

Dangerous Habits

Fear & Loathing

Tainted Love

Damnation's Flame

Rake at the Gates of Hell


Hard Time

Good Intentions

Freezes Over


Rare Cuts

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yeah, that's not bad - Delano's 1st, complete Ennis (Son of Man was a later follow-up, not a bad mini), not sure if you got the Ellis one but the better Azarello ones are in that lot...Carey had some good ones in more recent years, too. i can look up the names if you want - dropped the book after the last arc, personally, though. ill prolly pick it up again when the creative team inevitably shifts.

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Published thus far:

Hellblazer trades:

Original Sins 1–9

The Devil You Know 10–13, plus The Hellblazer Annual and The Horrorist 1-2

The Fear Machine 14–22

The Family Man 23-24, 28-33

Rare Cuts 11, 25–26, 35, 56, 84

Dangerous Habits 41–46

Bloodlines 47-50, 52–55, 59–61

Fear and Loathing 62–67

Tainted Love 68–71 plus Hellblazer Special and short story from Vertigo Jam

Damnation's Flame 72–77

Rake at the Gates of Hell78–83 plus the Heartland one-shot

Son of Man 129–133

Haunted 134–139

Setting Sun 140–143

Hard Time 146–150

Good Intentions 151–156

Freezes Over 157–163

Highwater 164–174

Red Sepulchre 175–180

Black Flowers 181–186

Staring at the Wall 187–193

Stations of the Cross 194–200

Reasons to be Cheerful 201–206

The Gift 207–215

Empathy is the Enemy 216–222

The Red Right Hand 223–228

Joyride 230–237

The Laughing Magician 238–242

Roots of Coincidence 243-244, 247-249

Scab 251-255 & a story from #250

Hooked 256-260

India (released October 12, 2010) 261-266

Edited by Lycaon
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Ok so I just finished the Highwater and Ashes and Dust arcs (174).


To be honest I don't think I like Azzarello's Constantine. Towards the end of the Paul Jenkins run, when it was known that Jenkins was wrapping up and Ellis would be coming on board, the editor at the time wrote how Constantine takes on a lot of the writer's personality when they are on the title. If that's the case Azzarello must be a bit of a dick. I can't wait for the next author but I'm determined to read it all in chronological order.

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