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So, since Onemanga is now dead forever, (long live Onemanga), I figured now would be the most opportune time to express my fondness for the series.




Id is a Korean manhwa that falls squarely into the genre of fantasy. It follows Chunhwa, a man who looks disturbingly like a woman to his constant chagrin, who is transported to a mysterious fantasy world where he kicks major amounts of ass and takes on the name Id to have a name that's not too out of place. There's dwarves, dragons, mages and warriors, and a storyline and art style that lends a great justice to the medium. The character is basically a superman with an interesting past, though he's started to lose some fights lately, but it's not simply about him - it's an ensemble story that he simply plays the biggest part in.


I suck at these intro topics, but basically, I enjoy the hell out of this series. Here's a mangafox link, because onemanga is all dead and shit.



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