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Basically what i'm Looking for is what games do you have avaliable to you?


Vote on a Favorite if you have multiple games and list them all in a post please for cross referance. Feel free to vote on other and list any games i may have overlooked.


I'm looking to make some Levels for us but I want to know what game is most easily avaliable to all of us so that I can make something that would be accesable to all.


So far I'm Looking at DOOM (I or II) since that is small and can be burned on a Disc along with several levels. If another game is very common or cna be easily burned and distributed then I'll change over.


Thanks for the Input.

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Well once we get a platform decided then we can get to spreading the game around so everyone has a working Stock copy. I've got a copy of doom readily avaliable so no worries there IC. Actually I'll probably have you do some play testing while the stuff is in beta for a lil quality control.


Diablo 1 is off limits for the moment just because its a whole different ballgame as far as the coding goes from FPS to Action/RPG plus the Diablo tech is a bit up there so it'll be harder for me to get the level of detail i want from it. And I've never come across any kind of level editing software for it. Its in mind for the Drunken RPG, not to worry.


So For right now i'm doing some reading up on the DOOM engine and editing programs to get a solid knowledge base. Might have a Beta version done in Doom then clean it up and recreate it in our game of choice or polish it up send it out and get a sequel going in the doom engine. We'll see what happens.

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So far the Goal is:


Prototype level creation in Doom (probably 1 player due to doom's outdated modem connection setup)


Sequel in the Quake 1 engine with some basic skins and improved levels


Then the Final Quake 2 engine and some really hardcore level mods and skins, custom death messaging annd All out carnage.


Sound good to all?

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Would be great to do it in Q2... then I could track down that Matrix Quake setup and we'd have a ball.


Had a funny ass notion today for a DD game. 17 players against 1. Make that 1 player invulnerable, but only able to carry a pee-shooter. Time the match, give him 2 minutes to try to make it from one end of the map to another while everyone else has to keep him back. Then mess with the Quake2 console and make the game real bouncy, so that if he gets hit by, say, a rocket, he'll fly about 200 feet back. Would be fun seeing who could make it... bets are on Yahve of course.

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Interesting Idea Chief.


I'll try it out as a special area in the doom episode. A Small Godmode dash for the armor kinda thing. I plan on haveing a 5 mission "episode" but so far only have about 2 lvls planned. Let me know any more suggestions you guys have.


Appreciate the input.

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