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The most awesome thing for me so far besides the gameplay is that the Career mode is so extensive. It's the most extensive of any game yet. They should do this for all sports games. Kinda "growing up" with the stars, for NBA it would be playing kid ball with Wade or Rondo, KG, Shaq... Pretty win if you ask me.

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Just beat the Bantam League... I'm going through it the first time, not trying to get all the awards, but still getting quite a few (Championship cups, MVP award, Most Points in League, etc) But it's impossible to get them ALL unless you go back and play as goalie as well.


So for now I'm going category by category until I win the Stanley Cup (Which I'm hoping will come to Boston this year).


So... graduated Bantam and got drafted by the Canadian Hockey League... Which I knew little of until now. Apparently it's divided into 3 mini leagues.. Western, Ontario, and *shudder* Quebec Junior League... (The names of the teams are all in FRENCH and unpronaounceable... fuck that shit.) So I went with Western... There's an option to let a team draft you, but seeing as there's a team called the Chilliwack Bruins... I just went and picked them. The game's evolved alot. Alot more rules, I got called for roughing and spent 2 minutes in the penalty box just watching the game do its thing... Scoring goals has gotten progressively harder now, but when that arena horn sounds it's oh-so-satisfying when you're the one who scored.

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