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A lot of students are taking the SATs. Robin's taking the BATs. The biggest difference? Robin's test involves blocking more groin strikes.
Going to spend Halloween the way I do every year. Beating the crap out of kids dressed as Joker. They learn a life lesson. I get candy.
I've spent years building up a tolerance to laxatives. Just in case.
Gotham has more gargoyles per capita than any other city in the world. But not a single Chipotle? FAIL.
The staff at Whole Foods accused me of "bruising the fruit," whatever that means. On an unrelated note, I HATE CANTALOUPES!
Drive-thrus should have a width warning. Just tore the side off a Wendy's with the Tumbler. Frosties. Yum.
Analyzing Oprah's strategic weaknesses for when she eventually goes rogue. Contingency plan will utilize titanium netting & Baconators.
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