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Jan 11th, 2011 apparently! not even far off...click the above image to play the demo, then post impressions!


wiki stuff:


The game revolves around a man named Sissel who wakes up to discover he's dead, having no memories of who he was or why he was killed. The only clues pertaining to his death and his true identity are a young detective named Lynne and a near-sighted assassin named Jeego. Sissel eventually learns that, as a spirit, he has the power to possess inanimate objects and travel back to four minutes before a person was killed in order to change their fate. However he also learns that when the sun rises in the morning, his soul will disappear forever. While trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding his memories and death, Sissel decides to use his ghostly powers to protect other people from suffering the same fate he did.[/url]


Development of Ghost Trick was handled by the creator of the Ace Attorney

series, Shu Takumi. "I first thought of this idea about five years ago," Takumi told Famitsu magazine. "We were working on the third Ace Attorney and figured it was time to start thinking about the next thing. So I came up with a plan to make a new type of mystery, something different in style from Ace Attorney."
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Picked this up yesterday. Strangely, Best Buy refuses to acknowledge it's existence, so I was worried it had been delayed.


I finally had to get it *shudder* from my local gamestop. I actually experienced about 3 seconds of nostalgia for when I used to frequent thier establishment before I was accosted by no less than three employees about buying used games/preordering Pokemon Black-White/signing up for a subscription to thier rewards program. Ugh.


Now I'm rushing to finish up Ace Attorney Investigations! More to follow when I start this up!!

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Put Miles Edgeworth to bed (Comment on that one later) and started this puppy up.


It amazes me how the Japanese can take a mechanic which seems so limited in scope and craft such a rich and yet sublime experience out of it. I've played through the first four chapters and I'm loving it so far. The animation is spectacular.


Think ghost-powered, quantum Rube Goldberg machines.

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Finished Ghost Trick last night. Loved every minute of it. My big fear was that the major gimmick of the game would eventually grow tiring or annoying as the game progressed. Amazingly this never happens. Every time a puzzle would make me think "oh man, I could see this getting annoying" the game sidesteps and shifts gears. Shu Takumi and crew manage to keep the game from getting stale by adding new facets to your abilities as well as continually placing you in new and clever situations. Additionally, the game features a genuinely intriguing plot and characters and was actually surprised me! DO NOT READ THE WIKIPEDIA PLOT SUMMARY AS IT CONTAINS HUGE fucking spoilers.


It's just a shame that it's so hard to find this one, and most people haven't even heard of it, let alone seen it or played it. Really you owe it to yourself to try and check it out if you are a DS owner. I'm sure most of you on the board will, like me, be totally taken in by this game's charms.

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