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Radiant Silvergun on XBOX LIVE ARCADE?!


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Yea I ran across this trailer and this instantaneously made my head esssplodez. The rarest Sega Saturn game (maybe "one of the most expensive" is more accurate) is going into xbox live...

The most dynamic air shooter I've ever played. And if there is one that I haven't played please let me know (you don know me! @_@).

Maybe this should've been an air shooters threaad? ;/





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This is easily the most popular import on the sega saturn (those crazy japs dundiditagin!). Anyway I didn't know why until I stumbled across the mame dump years later and bust my $#@ to get it to work (took 2 years since then for all the components to get emulated.. yea i had no life).


I was actually able to save up for a new copy of panzer dragoon saga back in the day.. but I always drooled for Radiant silver gun and Shining Force Premium (you could only play this one if you beat all 3 rpgs).


ps I don't think I have the authority to edit the topic title.. any suggestions?

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