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Get portal 2 on ps3, get it everywhere!


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WOW, huge megaton.


basicly if you buy portal 2 on Ps3 you can link your psn and steam accounts and you also get a steamplay(mac/pc0 copy of the game! There will be crossplaform chat and co-op. and cloud saves, sadly not cross platform cloud saves yet, they ran out of time but are working on getting it finished(I'm hoping for a patch at best, next game at worst). You'll be able to chat with steam friends on ps3!!!.....


Over all this is a pretty smart move by valve as it gets even more people onto to steam. this is fantasic for the consumer as you get huge huge value out of the ps3 version and all the updates of the pc proabbly day and date(they want to do that anyway).


While I love sony I think they've screwed up on some of their online shit but this is a huge win for them and valve giving MS a huge fuck you.


P.S. nick change the background :(

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