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andriasang & GAF + Famitsu details:


Bayonetta and Vanquish creator Platinum Games is working on a new online combat game called Max Arena. In development for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game will see simultaneous worldwide release this Fall.


In an interview with Famitsu, producer Atsushi Inaba says that the game will have the feel of a fighting game. You'll be in a fight against all other players, and you'll feel like you can at anytime get suddenly struck from behind.


Based off the early descriptions, it seems like the game will have a lot of players, although I'm not going to use the the word "massively multiplayer" until I've seen the interview to see if Inaba actually gives a player count. He does say that synching up all the players online is difficult.


Jack from Platinum's violent Wii title Mad World will appear in the game. He has nothing to do with the game in terms of story or world view, but he seemed to fit perfectly according to Inaba.


Just a couple of additional bits about Max Anarchy from Famitsu's reveal article:


The game will have a story mode.

While the game make look like Spikeout, the gameplay will be different (I wonder if the Inaba interview actually mentions Spikeout...)

There will be a cooperative element to the gameplay


It looks like Madworld but with added color. The game will be Platinum Games' first online multiplayer title. It will allow many players from all over the world to join in random stupid action shit. Jack from Mad World will also be featured in the game.
This title is a melee action game with lots of other players. Maybe a multiplayer brawler would be the best way to describe it? Max Anarchy has online play, which Inaba said in an interview has been difficult to synchronize because this kind of genre hasn’t been invented yet. In addition to online play, Max Anarchy has a single player story mode to complete.


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