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Check this out Final Fantasy fans Gamer.com announced that squaresoft is releasing a sequel to FFx...

here's the article:

Lots of game sites are spreading rumors about what Square's impending announcement will be. We're hearing Vagrant Story 2, or a sequel to Kingdom Hearts.

After the mysterious poster ( next post) depicting Final Fantasy X's heroine Yuna in a new getup appeared at the Tokyo Game Show in September, there could be little doubt. We've heard about it for months: Final Fantasy X is getting a side story, sequel -- whatever you want to call it. Square's new game is FFX2, pure and simple. Moreover, there won't be two versions -- the Yuna and Rikku scenarios are contained within a single game.


According to reputable Japanese website Quiter, the game takes place 2 years after the battle with Sin. Yuna, as expected, is the main character of the game. Dash and Jump actions are being added to the field segments to add an element of action, although the game is still an RPG -- not an adventure or action game as many theorized after looking at the new gun-totin' look of the summoner. There is reportedly a new "Active Mode" in the battles, although no one quite understands what that means yet. The threat Yuna and her comrades will face is an altogether new one.


We expect many more details to become clear when Square has its unveiling in the coming weeks.


So what do you think?

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Ill havta wait & see.

Havent been online much this last week or so and i know the big Tokyo Game Show goes on soon, if not already. Gameforms.com had all but confirmed a Gamecube FF, but as always, with new characters and such.

Id say this sounds like mostly rumors, as the FF series doesnt connect its chapters, but since Cloud & Aerith cameod in FF Tactics, popular characters have been making more and more cameos, as they did in Kingdom Hearts. Ill look into it.

...Vagrant Story 2?! Fuck, i really need to go finish 1. And im halfway through Ico already...

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