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I have become fascinated with the current Image Universe. More specifically, the Kirkman characters, but it's thanks to him that I've regained interest in the old school characters, as well. While their continuity is looser than Marvel or DC, they are still trying to have classic crossovers of their characters. Much to my joy. And it has been because of these "team-ups" that I've discovered new titles and characters to read and enjoy. This thread is to discuss/pimp those books as well as the classics. Everyone knows Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade and of course Invincible, but what of the others?


Guarding the Globe: Designed to be the Image equivalent to the Avengers or JLA, the Guadians of the Globe are now led by the aging Brit. Having gone through many team members, they are now truly "global" with multiple bases and members from all over the world.


The Astounding Wolf-Man: Bitten by a warewolf on a camping trip was no accident for Gary Hampton, who has now become a warewolf himself. Someone is attempting to manipulate his new life from the shadows, but Gary decides to use his powers for good.


Dynamo 5: Image's attempt at the Fantastic Four, but with a darker twist. Five young people that have each inherited one their dead father's (Captain Dynamo) powers. The twist is that they are each illegitimate children and know nothing of each other or their father prior to his death. They are also brought together by Captain Dynamo's widow, who also acts like their Oracle dispatching them to dangers around the city.


Tech Jacket: High school kid, Zack Thompson receives a powerful armor from an alien before its death. Learning that he can't take it off he decides to right wrongs on Earth and in space.


Firebreather: When huge city-stomping dragon monster, Belloc, falls in love a mortal woman, they produce a dragon/boy hybrid and name him Duncan. Now as a teen, Duncan has to deal with the pressures of high school and being attacked by enemies of his father. As a side note, this character was first pitched to the folks at Marvel as a possible member of the Young Avengers. They rejected their request when it was proposed that he would be the son of Fin Fang Foom!


Capes: Another Image team, but with a more comedic premise. Capes Incorporated has many members and most can't be bothered when they are on break or off-duty. No matter what world threatening event is happening.

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admittedly, aside from the 2 mainstay Kirkman books, the only ones ive off and on followed were Spawn (the arc after the changing of the guard @ # 200 wasnt bad) and The Darkness, though i cant seem to get into him past the Ennis runs. i recall enjoying a Grifter mini years back with travis charest or some other artist like that too.

if you could push one hidden gem here, what would it be?

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Damn, that's tough. I'd say Guarding the Globe or Firebreather. Globe is only a mini (5 issues I wanna say) and directly involves Invincible charcters. Firebreather is a bit more (few minis and one short ongoing) and happens away from Invincible (they meet a few times, but in other books). I'm liking FB a lot. It's a lot of fun. I'm gonna be posting new titles, but of the ones I've mentioned so far, those are my favorite.

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