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so i know these came out a while ago, but i was wondering if anyone has seen these..


i saw Monsoon Wedding this week and honestly was blown away, directed by Mira Nair (Mississippi Massala) one of the best movies i've seen done about Indian culture, and it was such a low budget film, the score and everything was wonderful to...i really loved this movie, one of the best i think i've seen all year....


and has anyone seen my big fat greek wedding?

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Yes, both of those rocked! Fuckin hilarious movies. Only got to see Monsoon wedding in orlando cause Miami sucks, but now miami folk get to see it cause it's out on video. Greek wedding is still in theaters because of the unbeleivable amount of money its making due to word of mouth. I reviewed it a while back, so to check out my thoughts go HERE I might have reviewed monsoon wedding at some point but the search feature on the board doesn't work at all, so I couldnt tell you... Great stuff tho

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