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So, I've spent the last few hours or so popping back and forth from The Nerdist's youtube channel and here. There's some good stuff on there and it seems like a pretty steady crop of new webisodes and shows come out of there. However, despite all the entertaining tidbits, there is also some stuff bound to make you grumble how Chris Hardwick should give YOU an Internet show b/c you're so much better than the tools he did give a show to. This Harry Knowles falls in between those feelings for me. Knowles is goofy as hell yet still likeable.





Weird Al doing a Space Ghost:C2C type "talk show."




Hey kids, remember Dr. Tran and his hot dickings at the local record store? Lest Dr. Tran go the way of the record store, Nerdist is re-posting those gems. Here's the original:



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