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I was so skeptical of this game until I read the article on the "future of fighting games". I thought this game was just another gimmicky POS 2bit game for another soon to die indie company to make a quick buck.

When I did my research I realized friken Alex Ahad was the creative director....

Who is this nobody you ask?

His resume includes Marvel vs capcom 2, Guilty Gear, Jojos Bizzare adv., and one of my all time fookin favorite games ever, Mutha fluffin DARKSTALKERS.


I THEN IMMEDIATELY blindly purchased this game and realized I luv this game even in tutorial mode. Broken char bullshit is in here like every other game, but it sticks to the fundamentals of what fighting games were all about back in 94, except way more balanced and 7492738929x smoother 2D frame animated graphics.


I'm eating this shit up. There's even an old school secret code to unlock the last palette. The art is classy as fuck. And there are a ton of classic capcom references everywhere.


The only thing I could think of is how ruined this game would've been if the debs went to capcom instead of Konami for publishing.


Check it out when you get a chance.



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Yea so after getting dropped from whomever originally funded this global collection of studios to make this sick ass game, the employees/studios collaborated together to form lab zero.


Apparently they were about 1/3 done their first dlc/add-on char, squigly once they got shut down.


So they start a crowd funding tonite, which was announced a month ago during the first worldwide tourney.. The goal is 150k$.... They're alrdy over 130k$ @_@..


I'm just glad to see others appreciating this thing as much as I am. Awesome incentives were given out with donation tiers as well.

I hit up $150, myself.





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