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Real Women Have Curves

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This review, much like this movie, is a public service announcement. You might be tempted to watch this movie because you see a poster here and there, and it's low budget, and it's gotten good reviews. Us in Miami are especially in danger of stepping on this landmine of a film, because anythting and everything hispanic gets tossed our way. Well, this movie's a reminder that some of these low budget ones suck, even if they did make it to major theaters. This movie has apparently gotten good reviews because people aren't willing to trash something with such a good message. It's about a chubby mexican girl who wants to go to college but is being forced to work in the sewing factory with her family. Do not watch "Real Women Have Curves." This is lifetime TV movie material.


The acting is amateurish and the writing is so fucking bad it made me want to throw things at the screen. The plot is on autopilot for most of the movie, just cliche after cliche regardless of whether it fits the characters or not. The protagonist is accepted into Columbia University, but she doesn't come across as exceptionally smart at all. Characters drop out of the movie and have random changes of heart when the plot requires them to. There's one brilliant (note the sarcasm) bit of cheating they use to hide bad writing. In one scene they go for instant character development by way of a continuity error! The protagonist doesn't change much throughout the whole movie, but in one scene, she steps onto a plane with one hairstyle, and emerges with another... We're supposed to beleive that she's mature now because her hair turned curly? The movie thinks that its characters are funny and interesting, but they're not at all. There were some fairly funny parts, but I can count them on one hand. The supporting characters pretty much sucked. There is one thing that the filmmakers deserve some amount of credit for, though. Somehow, these people actually managed to overdramaticize old hispanic women... I used to think that the easiest character on earth to write was an old hispanic woman, because they do yell out dramatic cliches and cry and scream at everything, and have amazingly old fashioned values, but this movie even overdoes them.


A good message alone does not make a good movie. While it's nice that there's a movie out there that doesn't focus exclusively on typical skinny superstar actresses, it's a crying shame that the movie blows. It's an insult to chunky mexican girls everywhere that they have to be represented by such a shit movie. Avoid this one like the plague, go rent "Tortilla Soup" instead. And remember, knowing is half the battle.

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