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Aarty got a Fitbit Ultra a few weeks back and liked it so much, she offered to get me one if I wanted one.


Fitbit seems pretty cool, it's a little clip you carry with you throughout the day that tracks your steps, calories burned, miles walked, and also tracks your sleep patterns at night. It's awesome because it keeps you motivated to be more active.


I gave the idea some thought, and decided it would be a great idea to get one myself, because it would keep us both motivated. Then I saw the Nike+ Fuelband and compared the two. It works better for me because:


1. I have ADD. Something small like that, if I took it off for a mo... HEY LOOK A BUNNY!!!


2. My job, with my toolbelt, I'm always twisting on the ladder and stuff, and I'd be worried that it would get knocked off, and I'd forget it.


The Fuelband is a similar idea to the Fitbit, tracks steps, calories burned, miles, and a new something called Fuelpoints. The fuel points are based on movement. One guy got 400 for a night of tipping back beers. Hey, it's movement. But it will give you a good idea of whether you've had an active day or not.


Today is my first day with the Fuelband, and it seems to be what I needed. I've got my current score: 2193 points so far after a morning of emptying and reloading the van (Where I earned the most points) and 2 rather simple jobs.The rest of the day I haven't done much, but in the back of my head, the gamer in me wants to go for a higher score and play some Wii sports or maybe go for a walk. Will I? Maybe. My goal today was 2000 points and that's been achieved. In fact, that's my goal for the next 3 weeks. Starting off at the slowest recommended pace, then work my way up.

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