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Gaming Bleed Effect


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Via the Assassin's Creed thread:


This game gets in my head like I haven't dealt with in a while. Back in the day, after marathon GTA sessions, I would be walking to work and get crazy irrational thoughts like "I could just yank that dude off his motorcycle and take off". I never acted on any of these, but I noticed them fleetingly pop into my head and found it pretty amusing.


I was checking the mail the other day and noticed myself scoping out patios and balconies thinking "I could jump from there to there, grab that and totally make it to the roof". blink.gif


Just finished AC 2. I enjoyed 1, but 2 was incredible. I loved the Renaissance setting and had such a nerd/artgasm when you meet Leonardo Da Vinci. 3 looks incredible, but I really want to play Brotherhood and Revelations first. Here's more game play from 3.



This happened me last Friday. It happened twice before with Skyrim as well, I saw an arrow shaped twig and walked over to pick it up before I realised what I was doing. It happened again when I was walking to the shops and reached over to pluck some tundra cotton (pictured)



before I woke up to reality. Scary shit, sign of a good game though :D



Where does reality kick in and the game ends? I've had cross gaming bleed effect, like playing Skyrim suddenly becomes a half assed attempt at freerunning Mirror's Edge style (they need to get on that mod).


Also, I become Isaac Clark when I gotta navigate my house when I head to bed. I turn off all the lights and pray nothing jumps out of the vents.

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The worst for me is playing Gran Turismo or Need for Speed or Forza for a few hours, and then having to go driving in a real car. I ALWAYS catch myself about to floor it and overtake some guy going on a curve on the highway. Or not wanting to stay within the lines while driving. It's bad at times.

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Man, this happens to me all the time. I remember that while I was playing the first Assassin's Creed I'd would look around and think "I could totally climb that" or I'd be driving and have the sudden urge to pull over a look around a house because the thought "Man, I bet there's a templar flag hidden behind there" jumped into my mind.

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