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  1. Dedicated to DKS...where'mever he may be...
  2. I know...Dewiit is Comstocks Father and Elizabeth is his Mother....holy shit....
  3. I don't know how to feel about Mormons. Personally I have met quite a few (and I used to live down the street from an LDS church in San Antonio) and they have always been friendly, very much like the South Park ep mentioned above. And I see vids like this: and they seem even "progressive" at times, but then you see vids like this: http://youtu.be/1VyQSNwRaTE and I don't know which one, if any, is the general stance of Mormons. Or maybe it is just the fundamentalists that do all the crazy stuff that gets news coverage. Still they have recently made an exception for gay and lesb
  4. On a completely different note.... FTL the game is the fucking coolest game I have played in a while. I love it!!!
  5. Beat Dead Space 3 on Hard and like Mal, there really was nothing to it. Always had plenty of ammo and health, plenty of extra bits to make new circuits with, had my suit fully upgraded about 45% through the game and stuck with pretty much the same weapon as soon as I got the parts about half-way through the game. I found that a Telemetry Spike made into a semi-auto gun with a Bouncing Bola gun on bottom, added with some bigger dmg or clip size on attachment1 and stasis bullets as attatchment2 was my own best weapon. I made and played around with plenty of other config's but when the shit go
  6. This drummer is one of my new favorites and he is in two very good bands, with horrible names...Antropofagus and Septycal Gorge. Also a third, but I haven't heard them yet. So I give you Dave/David/Davide Billia...
  7. PS4, welcome to PC gaming circa 2010... not impressed...but then again they are just demo's.....
  8. Heh, yeah I was gonna say something about that. The one where he made all 5 one after the other is the only legit one imo. Though the kid seems to enjoy what he is doing so can't complain too much. I just wonder how long it really took to make that video. And I feel sorry for the "oldest sibling." We know who that dad ISN'T going to favor...lol
  9. Ahh ok gotcha, didn't realize that was your intent, so I will try to follow. But I gotta say very nice collection. I am getting there, but not nearly as close as you seem to be. As for Gantz, have you not read any of it? And is it supposed to stop at vol 30? Or any specific reason for waiting until then? I ask only because it is one of those standout great manga's. Like Berserk, or GiTS, or Gunnm it is just one of those instant classics. Now if it stops at 30, I can completely understand cause I have only gotten up to vol 23 and at the time I was very upset there wasn't more to read.
  10. That's awesome! They've done a good job with the movies so far, hope they keep it up.
  11. Everything about "Real" sounded great until I read the word "basketball." Really? I have nothing against basketball, but I am not really a fan, so how much does the manga focus on it? Is that their 'therapy' so to speak? As for Lone Wolf and Cub, I love that manga. I also like Koike's 'Samurai Executioner', 'Path of the Assassin', and especially 'Lady Snowblood'. It is good to know they are doing Omnibus versions of LW&C. I can never find the begining books to any of his series, though I do like the smaller book style for the mangas. Also for people who are looking for just
  12. Great...Saga...I just don't think I could keep the up and down of getting a new issue and it being over after 10 min of reading. I have to wait until vol 2 tpb is out. Same with MP...thanks again for both of them Logan, great stuff!
  13. I found a torrent that had all of Junji Itto's stuff in it. Lots of one off's but still great stuff, would also endorse him. I also am really into the stuff of Tsutomu Nihei, the guy who did BLAME! and more recently Abara and Biomega. Also found a version of The Monkey King by Katsuya Terada, which is kind of abstract in telling the story, but it is definately adults only. Very cool artwork though. Also have MPD Psycho 1-4. Very fucked up stuff, but I enjoyed it. But keep recommending titles, gets tiring downloading random manga that sound or look good and getting a vol or 2 into th
  14. 1. Download all of these videos 100 times 2. Rename videos "9 yo cock suck" "5year old Virgin first time" " 8 yo Daughter sucking my cock" etc 3. Laugh when FBI comes to your house and has to sit through each video to make sure there isn't anything in them!
  15. I would like to add Irresponsible Captain Tylor to this list. Wasn't the first anime I ever saw, just a particular favorite that may have gone under the radar for most of the anime world. It is one of those great shows that combine a good story, with likable characters, throws in some humor, some drama (but in a good way), and some epic space battles. Irresponsible Captain Tylor 24eps + 6eps OVA
  16. Half-Life 2 definately is the best game of the last decade. I can still remember my first playthrough and how badass it was. I think people have been jaded by the games that have come out since, but I think HL2 paved the way for all of them. The shooter aspect is TOP NOTCH, the gravity gun (at the time) was the coolest shit ever! The story was wonderful and intriguing and built into the game VERY well. All the puzzles never seemed like puzzles and were all integrated intuitively, it really was a brilliant game. I am STILLLLLLLLL pissed PC Gamer gave HL2 a 4.5 and Doom 3 a 5! Really doom
  17. I will agree that playing football, in the long term, probably causes serious brain injuries. But after a little googling, he started playing football in or around 2001. We can arugue when or where or how much brain damage he MAY have recieved, but until there is evidence that he did have SERIOUS brain injury I am not going to accept that as an excuse for murder. And while there have been a number of suicides of former NFL players, I don't think you can point to brain damage as the main or only contributing factor in causing them to commit suicide. That is like someone walking into the roa
  18. Nope just $9000 for the 10 xbox's that red ringed that had to be replaced, plus driver updates are automatic, just like updates on the 360 an ps3!!! /pwned Just want to say Spec Ops was a lot better than I thought it would be. Some pretty graphic stuff going on, very psychological.
  19. If she was possessed by a demon he would have had no reason to kill himself. Every scientist and theologian in the world would want to talk to him. But maybe she was possessed and he caught a glimpse of its true demonic self that caused irreparable damage to his psyche and he had to kill himself to stop the voices and terror....I never thought about it like that. Maybe I did judge to quickly.
  20. Suck my dick, Ho? BUt I want to say this, because no one else probably will. Fuck this dude. He was a childish, selfish prick and it is probably a better world for him killing himself. "OMG I had a fight with my girlfriend!!" So instead of being a man, he just shoots her multiple times. Then instead of being a man, yet again, and facing the consequences of his actions he takes the easy way out and shoots himself. At least he saved us the tax money of having to support his ass in prison.
  21. I would say Skyrim IF - It came out in 2012 - The game was GOOD unmodded So my vote for GOTY 2012 is.........Torchlight 2. And I just want to say..."The Walking Dead video game is as good, if not better than the book and the show." The show, sure, it is much better than that. But nothing beats the book. It does a damn good job of recreating the feel you get when reading the series, but I would vehemently disagree that it is as good as or better than the book. Still a damn fine game, and much better than I expected. I still need to play 3-5, after played the first 2 episodes I fi
  22. Pete Namlook passed away this past week, and knowing Hondo's I doubt there is a single person on here who even knows who this Legend was. Despite that, he is a God among electronic and ambient music akin to Eno and/or RDJ. While most of his stuff is thoroughly ambient, he did do all sorts of things with other artists and plenty of experimental stuff himself. He has also inspired me almost as much, if not more than, Mortiis. He made true impact on my life with his wonderful music and if you at all have an urge to listen to ambient music he would be the person I would recommend. RIP Namloo
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