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Saw the Commercial for that too, very kick ass. Also saw a sweet commercial for "Clone Wars" which looks like an air/ground combat sim taking place during the clone wars, looks very sweet.


I did however finally get "STAR WARS: Glactic battlegrounds Saga" which is their warcraft style game recently put out together with the expansion. I must say I'm very pleased. It uses the Age of empires engines with a few tweaks and enhancements so the interface is great. Managing resources, building bases, carrying out raids and large scale attacks on the enemy. 8 different races to play with unique attributes to each one.


I give this one an 8 out of 10 the only reason its not a 10 is the slight "rehash" feeling you might get if you played ALOT of age of empires because of the similarity and the lack of Space battles, which really isn't the games fault but I was hoping to see some capital ships make an appearance or maybe some planet hopping abilities. Ah well, theres always the next game B)


A recommended good buy.

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Here here. They need to remake Xwing or TIE Fighter. Or make another game like that, with today's technical abilities. The closest they've had in recent years were the Rogue Squadron games. I thought those were pretty good (the GameCube one in particular had absolutely incredible graphics) but they never made you feel like you were flying a starfighter the way the older games did. Anyone else out there play TIE Fighter?

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I'm right there with you, TD. The TIE Fighter story absolutely kicked ass. I played that game forever. Yeah I became the greatest pilot in the Empire (Palpatine's own words to me), yeah I made sure to do every secret objective and became the Emperor's Hand (back off Mara Jade) yeah I was so good I had Darth Vader himself as MY wingman, under MY command. But then, two levels away from beating my whole game, my house gets struck by lightning and the entire computer is fried. FUUUUUUCK! And of course, I can't get the damn thing to work on any new computers.


I never beat XWing because halfway into it I bought TIE Fighter and realized I liked being a bad guy much better.

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