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Retro Game Master / Game Center CX


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i was loosely aware of this due to the awesome DS Game, Retro Gamer Challenge, and seeing the main guy here (japanese comedian Shinya Arino) challenge nintendo president Iwata at games the latter created, such as Balloon Challenge, following nintendo direct presentations.


above is one of the earlier episodes - Kotaku did a translation effort for a single season years back and called it Retro Game Master (meant to play with poor Arino's skills), which features an english dub over some sega titles such as Golden Axe, Bonanza Bros and others like Ninja Gaiden, Clock Tower etc.


the link above is to a YT channel full of them, which im having a blast going through. that one is of course SMB2, known here as Lost Levels...i gotta admit, he spends all day (up to 13 hours filming!) but tends to get quite far, even balls-hard titles like that or Fantasy Zone. anyway, show's awesome so i had to share.

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