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The time has come for everyone to strap on their Mjolnir armor and kills some Covenant ass. I was able to pick up the last copy of Halo 4 Collectors edition at my Frys. While I have not been able to play as much as Id like, i have been putting in quite a few hours into Halo 4. The main story I completed in about 7 hours. This is on par with the previous games play time. Most players are going to be playing the multiplayer, and that's where the majority of gameplay/time will come in. I think the coolest new feature is Spartan Ops, additional story added episodically. Five levels each week for 10 weeks. Also, for the first time there has been story added to why so many War Games (multiplayer games) have been played. We as a player are a Spartan, in holographic simulations for training. I think that's really cool. So, if anyone wants to play, hit me up!


last note, not sure how I feel about the music, sometimes it feels as epic as the past, but its a departure..

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i honestly don't really follow the series much beyond LAN parties with a few hondonians, but everything ive seen of this one looks great...i was kinda digging the art style, then read a few of the former Retro artists who worked on Metroid Prime were part of this, made sense in my head.

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Its probably just my inner fanboy, but I love the game. Its got a really good story that does set up a new trilogy of games, and the multiplayer is spot on. I did not know that some of the artist came from Metroid Prime, but looking at it I can see it a bit.

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