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MOHAA is definitely a great game. For those of you under rocks or otherwise blissfully ignorant of the world outside heres a breakdown. :D


Medal of Honor:Allied Assault is a first person shooter set in WWII the single player campaigns begin in north africa against Rommels Africa corps. Then makes its way to D-Day at omaha beach in a VERY accurate and difficult level. From there your enlisted by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and make your way behind enemy lines to take out key enemy strongpoints so that the troops on the beach can get through.


Along the way you link up with some scattered 101st airborne units and a british secret agent that can help you in your missions. Their A.I. is impressive, they move as a military unit should, they run from cover to cover, they trade fire accurately with the enemy (killing a good many) and they even go heroically above and beyond the call of duty to throw themselves on a grenade if your unit gets pinned down and the enemy tries to blow you all sky high.


The difficulty ratings are also well done. The easy setting will still be challenging but it shouldn't be difficult to progress smoothly from mission to mission with the death count on the low side even with tactical mistakes. The Medium setting (Normal) is a perfect balance and is probably as hard as actual combat. Mistakes will cost you dearly. Keep your head down, always stay behind cover, never assume, reload as often as possible, ect... You can progress fairly smoothly but SAVE OFTEN, there will be many points where you will be killed. Snipers are realistically accurate, bullets will hurt more in the vital organs, and the enemy has nasty surprises. The Hard difficulty is for the sadomasachist in you. Any minor mistake WILL kill you, the enemy does NOT miss, ze germans will track you as easily as a rampaging elephant through a china shop.


Multiplayer is also very kickass. Games can be searched for through Gamespy, which is a very easy to use interface and theres always hundreds of users on. Chatter is on the light side in most games so the snert factor can be ignored, although the names you see can get downright stupid. Games range from teams, to objectives, to free-for-all. Also many games use bots to adjust settings and make the games more enjoyable. My favorite gaming spot is a "Rifles only" mod that forces all payers to only select their standard issue rifle, pistol and a few hand grenades. This cuts down on the rocket launcher and machine gun frenzy and adds alot more challenge.


Very highly reccommended for both single player and multiplayer, theres also a new expansion MoH:Spearhead that takes you through as a member of the 101st airborne fighting behind the lines the whole way and adding in alot more weapon types including british guns and the ability to take over anti-aircraft cannons and artillery! Also in cluded are a few more multiplayer levels to choose from. The Demo for MOHAA can be downloaded free at www.mohaa.com the spearhead demo is there as well but its only a multiplayer demo.

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I have the PS2 Medal of Honor (Frontline). It's a great game, especially the opening D-Day invasion. The only problem I had with it: the first couple levels, aside, the entire game is "covert missions" and such. Not very many large-scale battles, with other soldiers. I mean, if I was looking for a covert action game, I'd play a James Bond game. I bought it for the WWII battles. Does Allied Assault have the same problem?

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Well yes and no.


As you progress into the story past D-Day you do begin taking orders strictly from the OSS. Certain missions have the covert "bond" feel to them but I never felt like i was playing an overrated bond movie. There are several missions that take place behind Enemy lines but have you linking up with either paratrooper units or pinned down units that made it past the front line.


In one mission your basically riding herd on an infantry unit pinned down by snipers. You basically run that level in almost a "sniper duel" taking out enemy snipers while the unit covers you up close clearing buidings as you pass. Very badass level, Very damn hard.


In several levels you link up with some 101st airborne paratroopers along with your squad leader to clear a small villiage and take out some artillary and in a later mission other paratroopers that are pinned down by snipers and trying to stop an enemy advance.


Another mission (particularly hard) has you linking up with a sherman tank unit and taking them into a german Supply depot to commandeer a King tiger tank. You then proceed with the tank to a key bridge that the germans have wired with explosives and as the tank takes on the various german armor you climb up into a belltower among other high spots and snipe german troops as well as call in air support for the tank until reinforcements can arrive to secure the town.


So while some missions (like the submarine one) can give you some bindish flashbacks the majority of the game will retain its wartime combat feel. The expansion pack (spearhead) will focus moreso on the Ardennes (battle of the buldge) and drop in an assortment of british weapons(sten guns, smoke grenades, ect...) So the two together should cover a good bit of out and out open battle.


If the small unit type fighting isn't quite what your looking for then it may fall a bit short for you. But with the PC you also have to remember that you've got the online option. Plenty of battles on there either free for all or objective/team based that can have 20+ people fighting it out. So even if the single player is quite what you want, multiplayer can deliver well.

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