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Saint Seiya Request

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So my younger cousin is obsessed with Saint Seiya and he really wants to read the original series. He's got (a strong form of(if that's the correct term)) Autism, and Japanese Manga, Anime and video games are what keeps him going.

The only physical copies he can find are way too expensive, and he couldn't find them online. So I figured where better than Hondo's to get help? In particular I'm looking at Newt and Boogie, but of course if anyone can help. Do any of ye have any scans or know where I can download them? Any help is appreciated.

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I just see this right now. I have the complete original manga in my house, the only problem is that is in spanish :(


As Newt said, many chapter from the original manga are not available in english (wich I find odd), he can read however, the first 6 volumes of the manga here, and then you could say to him that he can also read Saint Seiya Next Dimension, wich is basically the same story as Lost Canvas BUT from another point of view AND is entirely in color and drawn by the original author. There's also another manga that tells the story of the Gold Saints and its situated chronologically some years before the original story. This one is called Saint Seiya Episode G.


There you have the links for the scanlations, and I hope it helps somehow.

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