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you know i run with Marvel, but...Gambit's been chump status for a minute. maybe those Universe series 2 cards messed me up with his stats, but he's got nothin with his kinetic tricks going that Dick didn't have to face before, especially having held the mantle.


biggest badass moment for Lebeau that i remember was him somehow rage-killing Colossus in AOA, and even then, Pete was in shock. Nightwing's got this one.

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ehhh...i think my problem here is reference. ive seen Nightwing fight lotsa dudes, how many have i seen Gambit fight (Thieves Guild aside) solo? you know how i like to compare & contrast for these match-ups...i feel like ive seen Grayson handle Gambit-like dudes (fast, energy projection), but i don't know ive seen Remy vs someone like Dick. when you can wear the mantle & only your best villains can spot the difference, you're no longer sidekick status.

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Nah, Grayson hasn't been a sidekick for a while. He's basically Batman without the screw loose. So yeah, he'd win handily, but Remy ain't just some henchman. Dude, was a major X-Man. And probably coulda been a leader if he wasn't so worried about chasin ass.


I'm sayin, Grayson could keeps his distance, but Remy's deck would come out. He could get in close and those billy clubs would become a liability if Gambit got his hands on em.


Don't forget Remy's staff, too.

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