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Live Action X-Factor TV Series Rumoured

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UPDATE: 20th Century Fox Developing A Live-Action X-MEN Television Series




With Fox apparently keen on expanding the X-Men universe with movies like Deadpool and X-Force, it should come as no surprise to learn that they are now setting their sights on the small screen with a live-action series reportedly in development. Read on for details!


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By Josh Wilding - 10/6/2014




Bleeding Cool were the first to break the news that Supergirl was being brought to the small screen, and while they got the showrunner wrong, it wasn't long until it was confirmed that the series was heading to CBS. This time they claim to have heard that a live-action X-Men series is also in development, something which makes perfect sense for Fox when they have a very successful TV network (which is currently airing Gotham). Unfortunately for us, the site doesn't have any details on who this show would focus on or anything else for that matter, but with everything from Daredevil to The Flash and The Walking Dead now on the small screen, it's about time the X-Men got in on the action, wouldn't you agree? Bryan Singer is no stranger to TV (House), so it seems likely he'll be involved. Stay tuned to CBM for further details and share your thoughts below.


UPDATE: According to some Tweet's from eatgeekplay.com's Shawn Madden, the plan is for this series to be based on Peter David's critically acclaimed X-Factor run, and he adds that, "The X-Factor series will definitely feature Jamie Madrox and be sort of like 'Fringe in the X-Men world.'"


Read more at http://www.comicbook...gQeSOJ5SxVuQ.99


All rumour at the moment, but interesting stuff.

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