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The death of baseball

Da Cap'n 2099

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also: chris rock has apparently seen hockey















..don't get me wrong:


1) baseball plays way more games than most sports

2) while local ratings are up, nationals are down at the moment

3) some tickets are nearly thrown away to fill seats (other sports see this too, to be fair)


etc etc but dying? nah

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..well yeah, i can see that i guess


i mean, i don't know how many younger fans it has, at leas here in the states...3rd world i bet it's still doing great. but yeah, you got me there...i never really know with these things. i mean, i know it's a slower game & less popular than it was in its glory days, but - you remember how the NBA kinda rebranded & blew up when we were kids? maybe they can turn things around.


hell, soccer's starting to blow up. no one thought that would happen.

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Soccer isn't really blowing up. It's as popular as ever... just outside of the States. After the World Cup, no one gave a shit anymore.


As far as the NBA is concerned, a little guy named Mike changed that game forever (I think he was in a movie with Bugs Bunny). Chris Rock even cites it himself: there's no "star" in baseball. They don't like individuality. Yasiel Puig could be that, but they keep censoring him. I'll tell you this: I've lost interest. And it ain't so much the game. I just don't like how they conduct business. Hell, the NFL is the worst, but is the most popular in America, BY FAR, because of the product they put on the field.

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