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Yeah I loved the game itself. Story was fun and the choices were cool.... but I only did one playthrough and for me wasn't worth the 60 bucks. It's now back on the shelf at Gamestop while the trade-in bucks are in my Fallout 4 bank. Don't go in expecting a super scary experience. It's just a really fun interactive slasher movie.

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so..damn.  this one's dark!


haha everyone but emily and ward (mike) died on my first run, goddamn.  almost wanna see if i can just replay the last chapter or two and go for a clean sweep, then try back again later to see how i can save them all...man, emily's boyfriend (matt?) was the cheapest one, like i read he'd have been okay with the flare gun, but that dumbass shot it off as soon as i had it handed to him so i don't feel there was a choice there. 


jess i feel bad about cause i kept telling mike to take the safer route (no point in saving her if he falls/breaks his legs right?), whats-her-face prolly shouldn't have checked that trapdoor in retrospect though.  chris felt dumb on my part cause i had that damn wendigo dead to rights and i guess i just didn't hit the trigger in time...


so yeah, just brutal but i really had a blast here & wanna look into supermassive's other games now 

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