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Ok Time to go on a gaming review spree, finally came into about 8 titles on christmas and i figure i'll share the joy. Sure their slightly old but hell, why not?




Serious sam by Croteam. First of a fivepack sent by junker. Its a Quake style shooter but really is original in its own way. Its set in Egypt, recent digs uncovered a ancient far superior civilization had once resided in that area then alterdimensional aliens began invading a few years later. So bad was the scourge that humanity is all but wiped out, survivors find an ancient time device and send their best soldier, Sam, back in time to stop the invasion as its begun.


You start off with a knife and a .45 revolver with an ammunition repenisher stolen form the aliens. Also you have an implanted thinking computer that stores info on the various baddies you meet (as well as suggest fighting tactics) and helps guide your progress through the game. Weapons you pick up are single and double barrel shotguns, a second .45 for double handed firing (very nice and not often done in most games sadly), rocket launcher, and Chain gun. There may be more but I've not gotten poast the third level as of yet.


The 3D graphics are up to par with the current standard and effects are done very well, Some enemies have a range of dying options and others smoke or show other signs of stress as they take damage. The plot is nothing spectacular, kind of a duke nukem feel, but the gameplay is the true gem.


The levels are masterfully laid out to give decent cover but allow ample room to move, keyboard commands are laid out very well using the mouse and the left keyboard admirably. Enemies are both prelaid out on the map to be seen and also are teleported into existance as you pass certain areas for ambushes.


Enemy types are very spread out from your basic shooting and grenade slinging baddies to kamakazie bombadiers, charging werebulls, high flying harpies and a variety of mechanized genetic monstrosities. There are several areas where simple ambushes turn into long hard battles for survival against multiple waves of the enemy. And its not a simple pick the mini-gun and cut them down either. You need to very quickly devise tactics for what guns to use for what enemies because ammunition is spread well but thin enough to run short if used gratuitously. Kinda like resident evil save it till you need it.


The enemies are both air and ground, projectile and charging/leaping. Its a race to kill them before they reach you in some cases and others is a kill frenzy where your zipping in between and around a cluster of pissed aliens. Very challenging with easily 50+ baddies screaming moving and shooting but not impossible, just save often and fight smart.


This is a very fun game, one that actually keeps you on your toes and jumping at shadows never knowing where the next onslaught is coming from. And is chock full of carnage and mayhem when the fight does break out. Highly reccommended to one and all.

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Yeah, this one's really cool. It recalls the good old days of doom where you're walking somehwhat peacefully then hop out of your seat and whip out your chaingun cause all of a sudden there's like two dozen beats sprinting right at you. Frantic as all hell, great game.

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i think i might jump on the bandwaggon of serious sam when i get around to it. it's another one of those fast paced first person shooters reminicent of duke nukem and doom. milky way galaxy in the trash can? anyway, the x-box is what i would get it for, since it has part one and part two in one along with co-op tag team action.


long live fps with high fps and mayhem... don't forget the corny jokes and one liners.

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used me a coupon on this badboy. came out to a hefty $15. anyway, this is a mad game. there are hordes upon hordes of enemies that come at you in huge arenas. there's nothing like pullin out that chainsaw when you see an arena full of frogs. it becomes a total bloodfest.


the co-op feature isn't like halo's fullscreen. the screen is approx 2/3 of the big picture - kinda cut out the left and right side. you get used to it and it pretty much is fast and furious killfest. with addition of another xbox system, you can add 2 more for up to 8 co-op and 16 deathmatch.


oh yeah, i got aadil and acktar to play this one too.... B)


note - i hate those headless guys "aaargh, yourself!

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