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Wow - all I've ever seen of this guy is those 'I Hate Fairyland' pics Axels posted on that Comic Journal thread and what's on his sig. That Darkwing drawing up there just made me moist.


LOL - jeez, Panch - you've rubbed elbows w/ so many comic-people. I dig comics, but damn - you seriously dig this shit. Got your finger on the pulse - that's fuckin' cool.


I wish I could draw like that, too - I've always had trouble w/ shadows n' color...but, I definitely feel a like-mind in this artist in regard to a unique, cartoony style (still, light-years beyond what I can do). Panch has seen my crude CRAP - and was really encouraging. I think w/ sum proper direction and colorists, I could do something w/ my stuff...or at least, be an asset. I wouldn't mind workin' on a comic or something - though my slant has always been toward animation n' film. (shrugs)


Panch, man - still down for a collaboration, sucka. Don't be resting too hard on your laurels - gotta push to make it happ'n, Cap'n...2099...you know in any way I can help.

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Dude, get outta here with that "crap" crap! You're a FANTASTIC artist. Your pencils are cleaner than mine will ever be. I know I've said it before (and I'll keep saying it): YOU taught me how to be a better artist. I was always trying to get as clean as you. I'm still trying!


This is absolutely true: FOR YEARS I had a complex because my art wasn't as good as yours. I was always the best artist everywhere I went UNTIL I met you. Then I was like "fuck."

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Aaaahhhh - I appreciate it, seriously - ain't fishing for compliments...but I really do feel like it's crap at times - LOL - especially compared to that recent stuff I saw at your place. Genuinely impressed and do believe your stuff could totally carry a book. I can't shadow like that - as much as I want to. I just feel like a lame-ass doodler / cartoonist, at times - I came in here frustrated n' down from a project I'm workin' on. Sometimes, I have zero faith in my writing n' drawing ability...


I've never stopped trying to refine and perfect my stuff, I just hope you're doing the same. I have big aspirations and I know you do, too - just hoping you don't dystrophy. I have the ambition and drive of 5 studios - unfortunately, I'm an army of one who has radically different sensibilities than the vast majority...I still refuse to own a smart phone!


I saw this stuff and just felt like 'it's possible'. 'Gotta push it to the limit!'

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