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Marvel has released a new teaser, one that has an ominous ring to it where the X-Men are concerned. The image features the phrase "Death of X" along with a date of f


No other information is available about "Death of X" at this time; it's not known who is working on the title, or whether or not it is a new series, event, storyline or something else entirely. Marvel currently has two events in the works: the currently unfolding X-Men event "Apocalypse Wars" and the upcoming "Civil War II," which will also feature an X-Men tie-in limited series. A previous teaser for a Spider-Man storyline called "Dead No More" was released back in January.


Currently, the X-Men are in dire straits thanks to the Inhuman Terrigen Mist that has enveloped the planet. The Mist has caused the spread of an M-Pox, which has rendered the mutant race sterile and stopped the births of new mutants while also proving deadly to existing mutants. Whether this teaser has anything to do with this plot line remains unclear.


End of the mutants, or end of M-pox? do we finally find out what went down with Cyk & caused the resumed hatred of mutants with ANAD marvel? stay tuned!





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Find out Cyclops' Fate in Death of X




"Announced via EW, the four-issue series comes from writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire and artist Aaron Kuder and will answer a question X-Fans have been asking for months: What happened during the 8-month gap after "Secret Wars"? All that's known so far is that Cyclops was involved in a massive war with the Inhumans -- a war that cost him his life and reputation."
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