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R.I.P. Muhammad Ali


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Muhammad Ali has been hospitalized in Phoenix, where he lives, and is being treated for a respiratory issue, family spokesman Bob Gunnell said in a statement on Thursday.


"He is being treated by his team of doctors and is in fair condition," Gunnell said. "A brief hospital stay is expected. At this time, the Muhammad Ali family respectfully requests privacy."


ugh, really hoping the GOAT fully recovers here...

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yeah...not looking great, he's on life support now


Muhammad Ali has been placed on life support — and his family fears that it “likely won’t be long until he passes away,” according to a report.


The boxing legend was hospitalized in Scottsdale, Ariz., for a respiratory issue on Thursday and insiders tell Radar Online that his loved ones are now rushing to his side because it appears his condition has worsened.


“He needs every bit of fight he’s got left to survive,” a source told the website. “Doctors are telling the family that it likely won’t be long until he passes away.”


Another source said Ali’s vitals “are terrible” at the moment and he is currently relying on medical help to breathe.


this year, man

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