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Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez Killed in Boating Accident


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honestly haven't followed the marlins since the last time they traded up much of their roster, but apparently dude was a hometown hero - future hall of famer, charitable, great with fans and just overall loved. really sad to see this happen at just 24, Panch will no doubt be in soon with a crazy story as well.


ded.gif to Fernandez, condolences to his family.

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I've never been a fan of the sport but it was weird that you and I joined my whole family at a Marlins game just last night and it was the most fun we've had in a while. Especially coming off a terrible week, I needed a reason to laugh and smile and I never thought baseball would do that for me. It's sad to think this guy had a whole career of making families happy ahead of him and now that's all gone. And all these stories coming out about his journey here from Cuba...man. There's a world of hurt in our community today!

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Tomorrow is never promised.


So, as some of you may-or-may-not-know, I work at a restaurant/bar/lounge/club on the weekends doing security (mostly, I just stand at the entrance and check IDs). This being Miami (and right on the Miami River, mind you), we often get high-profile celebrities/professional athletes and the like come off their boats to have a drink and enjoy our famous nightlife. I'm a huge Miami sports team homer so I'm especially excited when the local sports heroes show up. Last night was no exception as we had famous Miami Marlins ace pitcher, Jose Fernandez, park his boat and make an appearance. This was doubly exciting for me as he's also Cuban and, insanely enough, from the same little village as my grandparents and father! After explaining this, we instantly bonded and he really took to me. So much so that every chance he got he would come out to talk to me or ask for advice about how to go about getting certain things for him and his friends (table/bottle service, valet for his pregnant fiancée). I helped him with everything I could and he introduced me to his whole party.


After a couple hours, we were about to close and he walked his lady out to the car. Holding her ever-so-gently, knowing that his precious daughter was growing inside of her. Now, I had heard the stories that he was family oriented, but now I was seeing it in person. I was so impressed with this guy. Phenomenal athlete, but even a more phenomenal a person. From talking to me like we had known each other for years to happily taking pics with everyone who asked to walking his pregnant girl to her car, getting her buckled-in and watching as she drove away. This guy was the real deal.


I just had to ask for a pic! The whole time thinking my grandma was gonna lose her shit. He, more than happily, obliged:




Shortly after this pic was taken, Jose jumped back on his boat (with the photographer of the above photo) and rode away to his death.


Even though I only knew him for a few hours, I felt like I knew what kind of man he was. Caring, warm, funny and willing to go out of his way to make others happy and comfortable being around a millionaire, future Hall of Famer that terrorized even the most sure hitters in the Major Leagues. And he was only 24! This is, definitely, one gone too soon.


I am, absolutely, devastated for his family and pregnant fiancée... with the only solace knowing that a piece of him still exists through that baby.


Rest-in-peace, Jose.

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Panch, your story is incredible. I can't imagine how surreal that must have felt...


The Marlins are playing the mets tonight and the pictures and videos coming out of the game have me in tears. The whole team is wearing no. 16.















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