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Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap


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as a classic Sege fan, i played a lot of Wonder Boy on the Master System (it was Hudson's Adventure Island on NES/SNES), but the series took a shift with Monster Land, an arcade port which was cool but kept the time limit intact for some reason.


part III, the Dragon's Trap, is one of the earlier (and best) Metroidvania's out there: like Symphony of the Night would do many years later, you start the game from the end of the last one, but are shown exactly what went wrong & spend the bulk of your adventure acquiring abilities to open up new areas. It's easily one of the best games for the system, and a slept-on classic in the genre, too.


fast forward a bit, and a french team is doing hand-drawn 2D stuff for what looks like a fantastic remake:



really amazing stuff. Monster World & MW4 (both originally on Genesis, now on Steam/PSN too) are likewise incredible games i'd wanted a thread for, and better still, Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom (a new entry in the series, directly taking from the style/setting/etc of the Genesis titles) is also on deck!



really great year for revitalizing this classic sega franchise!

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...this game is the truth


i mean, it's rough, but it's one of the best/finest early Metroidvanias out there, and this remake isn't just fantastic on its own: like Monkey Island HD, you can literally swap to the classic 8-bit SMS graphics on the fly. likewise, you can do the SFX & OST from the classic or the modern one...but even the classic one has the FM synthesizer sound option. do you know how few people even heard that?! to illustrate: i had my Sega Master System modded with an FM board from an engineering in australia who recreated the FM sound module for the Mark III (japanese version of the SMS), and i still had to use a region switch as the FM synth version wasn't supported in the US copy. it's notoriously the hardest SMS game to hear on the proper channel.


....so yeah, that's how few people even heard it. and it's one of many options here. this game's a masterpiece from '89 & this remake honors that heavily - Nemo, Baytor co: do not sleep on this.

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OH! Didn't know there was a thread for this - whoops! Posted the launch trailer in the trailer thread...


Metroidvania? This game looks to be right up my alley. LOVE the art style. Don't have any Wonder Boy stories - I've played / tasted it years and years ago, but just never went back to it.


Gotta feeling I'm gonna be a big Wonder Boy fan when I get this game on Switch. Might be 'switchin' come Splatoon 2. My gf is a major Splat-freak and doesn't think she can wait till holiday / sales / bundles...Mario Odyssey...so, really glad there's another Switch game to be excited about.


That art-style really speaks to my soul. (Panch, I bet you too!) Can't wait to get jiggy w/ this! Glad to hear it's actually good - LOL

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this is hands-down the dopest game y'all aren't playing: any fan of Symphony of the Night owes it to themselves to hit up the metroidvania OG that influenced it, in a great action RPG that most missed out on - only, now you can switch up the graphics to what looks like beautiful hand-drawn shit (okay not really, but it's gorgeous) and also switch the soundtrack from original PSG to modern redux on the fly, i mean this is like what they did for Secret of Monkey Island HD: you can be in stuck in an area and switch things up to see how far we've come in nearly 30 years, but imagine hidden areas/puzzles that you needed that '89 perspective to see. this was almost made for nemo.


don't sleep y'all, this is fantastic and i hope i'm awake when Limited Run Games does a physical release, im hoping the LE does like the press kit and honors its Master System origins. can't believe how much hidden stuff is here.

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Of course retro gamers love nothing more than collecting boxes and game cards, so having this game as a download only option wasn't ideal. Enter publisher Nicalis, who has struck up a deal with DotEmu to give the game a physical boxed release at some point in the future.

Here's what Nicalis CEO Victor Rodriguez had to say about this partnerhip:


"We’re huge fans of the Wonder Boy series, and we believe that Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap deserves the full physical retail treatment that was given to our own games like The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ and Cave Story+. We’ve got a deep respect for DotEmu; this is an exciting partnership for us."


Was about to download this - not no' mo'!  I think 'Sonic Mania' might eventually get a physical release, too...


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Mania very well might - again if nothing else, sega likes compilation releases after enough time.  


this is great news though - feels silly having stressed over getting that Limited Run Games PS4 edition, but i do love the cover on it! still, glad this is getting a switch cart. 

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