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DC's Doomsday Clock


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DC Comics announces "Doomsday Clock"




[spoiler warning: The final two questions contain plot information regarding DC Comics' The Flash #22, available this Wednesday.]


Let the countdown begin, because Geoff Johns' story about 'The Button' is coming full circle this November with Doomsday Clock.


The standalone DC-published miniseries written by Chief Creative Officer Johns, with artist Gary Frank, will continue the narrative that began last year with his Rebirth Special #1, and more recently unfolded in a four-part arc in Batman #21, and concludes this Wednesday with The Flash #22.


Based on our exclusive reveal of the teaser image for Doomsday Clock below, the story behind Watchmen's entrance into the DC Universe aims to be, well, super. It is an understatement to say that seeing the Superman shield in the top slot of the clock from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal work raises questions. Intrigue is further piqued by the title itself, its "D.C." initials, presented in that yellow, bold Watchmen typeface -- and the word 'doomsday', the same name of the villain who famously killed Superman 25 years ago.




so, so glad Alan Moore has other things to do here

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