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E3 2017


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hyped! going to a friend's for sony's presser, not sure what to expect (beyond MvC leaks/etc) but at least i know not to expect Shenmue 3 stuff. a date on Yakuza 6 would be cool.


lotta folks seem super happy with the Scorpio's specs, and it looks like a cool upgrade but they really gotta offer something i wanna play & can't get on PC to get hyped. looking forward to any surprises from Nintendo, like what big titles they have in mind after Mario Universe (love to see more on that too) but that may be something they save for a Direct.


i think the internet would break if they finally did something decent with Metroid or actually announced a successor to the 3DS...i don't know which i see as less likely, honestly.


square's gonna announce that FF VII HD will be ready around the time of the heat death of the universe that comes after this one


kojima will show more stuff on his game that prolly tells me less about it


Outside hopes: god, nothing's gonna top e3 2015 for me...but Sega's talking about more classic IP revivals (hopefully not mobile like Crazy Taxi...), but i'd love some Shinobi/OutRun type shit. Square could bring The World Ends With You 2 but they won't, i'd take a localization of that Mana collection japan got for switch. Konami revived Bomberman but at this point i think the last project i'd lose my shit for is an interesting revival of Silent Hills, so i'm placing my long bet on that one.

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