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shit yeah!!  


so i'm winding down my backlog this year, right?  accepting which games im clearly not that interested in seeing through & all, because i notice i don't often let myself enjoy replaing stuff i love & want to because there's always stuff ive yet to finish off (it's a thing i do with movies, music, books etc...anyway), and i was making a list of things i really wanna replay sometime and this one was high up there!  


still one of my favorite RPG's in the last so many years, can't wait

be great if it wasn't full price though

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damn, could've sworn i'd had a full breakdown on here somewhere after finishing TWEWY years ago....here's what i remember that stood out: 


  • Neku (game's protag) starts as wholly unlikeable, but over the course of the game, actually develops.  i can't stress how rare that is in gaming, fo rme.  
  • the use of buttons & touch controls was awesome, and mostly optional too...i remember the game giving me all sorts of options in both control & difficulty, i never felt stuck or like i needed to grind more than i'd wanted 
  • the modern day Shibuya setting was really cool, and offered some neat tricks if you learned it, like: wear the right fashion in the right area, and you get stat boosts.  go against the flow and wear your own thing long enough & you'll notice it catches on & more folks unconsciously start wearing it in said area too.
  • there's little shades of Itoi (earthbound) in the DNA for me, like if you take a few days off from the game to live your life, you get bonuses when you start back up again.  i loved that, and it ties directly in with the game's point. 
  • speaking of: it's one of the most touching endings in gaming, for me.

the OST is also good fun as well



i personally found this game infinitely more interesting than anything Kingdom Hearts ever did, and am excited about getting to play it again & having new content added. 

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